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The Following is a Super Important Public Service Announcement from the Corporate Bigwigs deviantArt® LLC:

Greetings fellow art type people! I have come before you to discuss a very serious and important issue. Remember ".art"? No, of course you don't. Nobody does. Its that thing we here at deviantArt's® management told you would change art forever, making everything wonderful and perfect, but which actually changed absolutely nothing and quickly and pathetically faded into obscurity. No, not muro. And not mentions either, damnit. This is bigger than deviantArt®! This effects all artists, everywhere, whether they use deviantArt or not. Well, all artists except for the ones that don't use ".art", which is to say all of them.

Anyway as we were saying, ".art" is a proposed domain name suffix for artists, art, and art-related things such as porn. Mostly porn, actually. Damnit, I already told you we weren't talking about deviantArt. Please try to pay attention. Artists won't actually be required to use ".art" and most will probably opt to go with ".com" or ".net" anyway, because they're easier, more convenient and more widely recognized, but we promise you that ".art" will be an even bigger hit than ".tv". Remember ".tv"? No, of course you don't. Nobody does.

Recently, however, ".art" has come under a new threat even greater than its own irrelevance. You see, the FCC recently decided to end something called "net neutrality", although this decision is far from finalized. Now, we here at deviantArt® LLC. management aren't really sure what this "web neutralization" thing is, but we're pretty sure you don't know either, so we're pretty sure if we act like we know what we're talking about you'll swallow anything we tell you hook, line and sinker. Anyway, if blag neutricity goes away, ".art" will die forever. Yes, even more so than it has already. And once its dead, everybody will want it. Yes, we mean everybody including corporations. Why, we've even heard reports that this one corporation has already been taking a frankly unhealthy amount of interest in ".art" from its very moment of conception!

Sorry, what was that? Oh.... oh, I see

It has just been brought to my attention that that corporation is us, deviantArt® LLC. Sorry about that. False alarm. Just... just ignore that bit.

But you know what isn't a false alarm? The threat to ".art", that's what! Why, if corporations (except for us, of course) are allowed to get a hold of ".art", it will ruin art forever in ways that... admittedly, we can't quite pin down, but we assure you that it will be bad... probably. Just trust us, okay? Look, there's even a big stylized raised fist! That means its an important cause! You can't include a big stylized fist unless its an important cause with earth-shattering implications! I wanted to include one of those scratchy-looking circled letter 'A's too, but the boys in PR shot that down.

I don't think you really understand the implications here. If corporations are allowed to have ".art" in their domain names, the word "art" will literally become meaningless! Everyone everywhere will spontaneously lose the ability to tell what is and is not art. Mankind's natural creativity will vanish overnight. All the priceless works of art from throughout history will be gathered up and systematically destroyed. You'll all become brainwashed cowering slaves to the corporations (except us, of course). If you don't believe me by now, its even in the Bible! (They're not actually going to check, right? Oh good, thank Money for that). Nostradamus said something about it too, I think. Why, defending the ".art" suffix is one of the very principals upon which this great country was founded. Why wouldn't you want to support that? What are you, some kind of communist? If you love having freedom of thought, then you know that the right thing to do is believe absolutely everything we tell you completely without question and without ever stopping to think about whether or not its a complete load of trumped-up alarmist bullshit.

Alright, I think that's enough out of me for now. So all you artsy types quit pissing on crucifixes or whatever the hell it is you losers do and get to it. I've got a board meeting to get to so we can figure out how to make deviantArt® LLC. appeal more to its target demographic: investors.

Why have I got the theme from Man of La Manca stuck in my head now?
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